Ever felt the pain in your wrist and forearm after fishing with your ice spinning rod? Jigging the traditional spinning rod forces you to rotate your wrist and hand downward producing undo stress and strain in your forearm. If you suffer from tennis elbow (see Dec/Jan 1997 issue of the In-Fisherman for more information), fishing with a spinning rod can be a painful experience. So what is an avid ice angler to do to relieve this stress? A new ergonomically designed ice spinning rod and reel combination from WristSaver Rods, Inc. out of Prior Lake, Minnesota, may have the solution to wrist fatigue and forearm/elbow pain. The newly designed angled handle and reel foot (patented ®1999) shown in the photo positions the angler's hand in the natural pistol grip position. The wrist is straight, allowing for hours of stress-free fishing.

The angled butt-end handle allows your wrist to remain in the natural position making for a pleasureable day jigging for your favorite species on the ice.  Sensitivity is not lost with this new rod as the blank goes to the reel seat attaching to a lightweight, but strong, aluminum handle core. The rod/reel is perfectly balanced above the reel for maximum sensitivity for those light strikes.